The retreat

It's perfect.
"If Greece is the home of the Muses, then they hang out in Kardamyli at the Olivewood & Laurel Retreat. Who could ask for more than magnificent scenery, time to think and time to write? And to make it even more perfect, fellow writers to meet with over a sunset dinner to exchange ideas and discuss the day's work. If I had my way I'd be there every year.  It worked for me!" 
 Cora Taylor


It's inspiring.

"Let Suzanne’s retreat take you to a place you’ve never been before and find there both olivewood and laurel. Olivewood & Laurel. Let the name rest easily with you. Here is a retreat that offers such beauty and grace, with a mythos of potentiality resonating, resonating within the woods, along the shore and up, up to the Mycenaean acropolis, and up, up to Mount Taygetos. With Olivewood & Laurel you will find pure air, water and inspiration. I did."  Nancy Mackenzie, whose expectations were exceeded on the 2013 retreat



"There's a certain kind of magic that happens when you get to step out of your fast-paced and complicated day-to-day life and experience a totally different cultural reality. Thank you for making that magic possible for me -- it continues to colour my notion of what's truly important, and what's not. And it continues to spur my inner muse."   Anita Purcell



No better place.

"If you feel you are at a crossroads, there is no better place to dream and think and plan what you are hoping for your life.“  Sara Coumantarakis 



Exactly what I needed.

"The retreat provided exactly what I needed at this point of my writing life: a place to reconnect with nature, real people, and my journal. There was time of solitude and time of sharing. A perfect balance needed to feed the creative muse. I highly recommend this retreat to writers and lovers of all things beautiful.  It becomes so simple to let go of responsibility and make space for creativity.

Thank you, Suzanne, for finding Kardamyli and your genuine desire to want to share its beauty and simplicity with other like-hearted souls. I will forever be thankful.”  Judy Walker



It's worry-free.

"This was the only time I have been on a constructed tour, and I was a bit hesitant about that, but it wasn't as rigid as I had feared. Once you got to a place you could go your own way. There was all the freedom you could want to do your own thing, plus there was the safety of the group--knowing there was someone nearby if you had a question or problem, or wanted company for dinner. It was great not needing to worry because everything was taken care of. 

I absolutely reco
mmend Suzanne's retreats. Her sheer enthusiasm for Greece is contagious! She gets people to look at things through her excited eye. Her knowledge of the history, culture and the setting she has chosen leaves you feeling you have seen inside the authentic Greece."  Lesley



It's something special.

"Thank you for all you have done for us to make this trip so special for each person here. All your time, consideration, love, hard work and planning has been wonderful."  Shairl Honey  



Writing Coaching

"My first draft is DONE.  Thank you thank you Suzanne. I made my personal deadline and I wouldn't have without your very professional coaching and caring."  Janet Rolfson

“I just wanted to share some news with you: Other Voices is going to publish my “Red Passion No. 9” short story in the Spring 2011 issue!!! I am so happy! Thanks for all your support with my writing. I am totally inspired now to write more.”  Lynn Gale

“The talk today was very interesting and motivating. I feel a renewed sense of purpose, and I will keep in mind my goals as I continue...I am greatly indebted to you.”  Reginia Yan

"You have so many ideas, and so much enthusiasm! It's hard not to feel motivated after talking to you."  Lori Hahnel

"I really appreciated your enthusiastic coaching and gentle butt-kicking that was needed to keep me writing! Your insight about the writing process and wisdom regarding writer's block helped a great deal. I've made so much more progress than I ever thought possible, and in a much shorter time, too! Thanks, Coach!"  Sue Paulson

"Every time we talk about the possibilities of writing I go away more charged up, especially when I see what I've accomplished so far. Thanks for the support."  Roger Adkin

"You are certainly the 'write' coach for me. You have helped me get  focused and motivated to get my lingering project finished. You are never a taskmaster but always a leader and a guide. Thank you so much."  Janet Dennis

"Suzanne motivates me like no one else. She makes things happen. Thanks to Suzanne's coaching, I actually started to meet submission deadlines! 

"I applied for a faculty grant to attend Writing With Style at the Banff Centre to workshop my transplant essay, received the grant and was accepted into the program. I submitted poetry to several anthologies and magazines: 40 Below; Forgetting Home: Poetry about Alzheimer's; the University of Alberta Health Sciences Journal; and Women and Environments Magazine's Gender and Social Issues and had poems accepted for all of them. I also submitted poetry for the Sidewalk project and am still awaiting the result. I pitched two manuscripts to Athabasca University Press and subsequently submitted my haibun collection. It was rejected, but I felt good about at least pulling it together and getting it out. I responded to a request for an article and poetry for an online publication, Sage-ing which appeared in their fall issue. I also proposed an anthology of writing from the Women's Words program and co-edited it in time for a June launch. 

"I ended the year by entering a short non-fiction piece into a competition. Thanks to Suzanne, I feel like a writer again."   Shirley Serviss  

"Suzanne Harris is a motivated writing coach. She wants to see her clients succeed and will do everything in her power to make that happen. She is tough when strength is called for, but also understands, (as only another fellow writer would) that we are all made from a different cloth and work in different ways. Suzanne is also a queen of organization and planning. I learned much from her. If you are struggling with your project, or making excuses why you are unable to complete it, contact her."  Judy Walker

“Suzanne has a very positive aura about her and is fun and easy to work with. At the same time, she knows she has a job to do, and she gets it done. Now I am much more knowledgeable about what is expected of me in an interview situation. I am much more comfortable in an interview environment and in front of the camera. I recommend Suzanne to anyone in need of media coaching or really for any service in the creative writing or media field. She is a good person to know and have in your corner.”  Marc Bauer

"Suzanne is an artful and experienced communicator, and her infectious enthusiasm and good humour are ideal for a writing coach."  Matthew Bin

“Suzanne has a talent for coming out with a wise word at the opportune moment. Her pragmatic approach to coaching has helped me focus my writing and develop good writing hygiene to keep the ideas flowing. Quite honestly, I would not be writing today if it were not for Suzanne.”  Michael McAdam

"For as long as I have known her, Suzanne has been engaged in the process of writing. Her passion for writing envelopes both the business and creative fronts. She’s served as president and past president of the Canadian Authors’ Association, and continues to show an amazing dedication not only to her own writing, but to furthering the craft of writing in those around her. She is an amazing coach – Suzanne has that rare combination of “perfectionist” and “barely-contained-maverick.” A joy to work with."  Thomas Trofimuk