In 2010 I went to Greece looking for the perfect setting for a retreat that would give people a taste of the Greece I knew and loved, away from throbbing nightclubs, commercial developments and tourist kitsch. Not an easy task in a country that has been a tourist destination for over 2000 years!

I was looking for a place with genuine heart, and a few amenities to ensure our comfort. A slow place, where we could immerse in a culture other than our own and take in new experiences to feed our spirits and imaginations. 

I found that place.

After a year of organizing and preparation I fulfilled a longtime dream to lead a small group of creative adventurers on a retreat in Greece. We were a small group of seven. It was September 2011. There were transportation strikes in Athens. My friend, our guide for a portion of the retreat, fell ill and was directing from the hospital. It didn't matter. We were in Greece! It was an exciting, magical time. I knew it would be no less. Click through the gallery for a few images from the trip.


Many thanks to the team members who contributed photos to the website: Janet, Anita, Lesley, and of course, Elias.