Our retreats

So many of us are in a constant hurry, scrambling to keep up with demands others and we, ourselves, place on us. There's always so much to DO. It's hard to slow down enough to take stock, to remember what really matters, to make time to write, to connect with ourselves, and each other. 

Give yourself some breathing space.

The best getaways are not filled with agendas

Our restorative getaways provide a paradise of quiet elegance, tranquility, and simple experiences to feed our spirits and our imaginations. 

Our retreats feature:


 small group numbers

We purposefully keep our groups small (6-10) so we have maximum flexibility as a group to adapt to the needs and interests of our members. Plus, we think it's just a better, simpler, more gentle way to be...You aren't just another face in a crowd; you are a valued fellow traveler. A friend.

traditional village destinations

Away from throbbing nightclubs, commercial over-development and tourist kitsch, our smaller, off-the-beaten-track settings allow us to experience the real flavour of a place and its people. At Olivewood & Laurel, we believe the best way to experience a culture is not from the outside looking in, but from inside it.

extended stays in one location

Our extended stays allow you to immerse in the local culture and live as a temporary resident of our destination. Become a regular at a cafe. Build your own routine. Feel the heartbeat of the place. Our local friendships mean access to people and experiences you might miss on your own.

 home-like accommodations

We hand-pick warm and welcoming family-run establishments to further enhance the 'live-as-a-resident' experience.

 lots of unstructured time

You are in nature's playground! Be as busy or as reflective as you like. There will always be a couple of guided excursions to enrich your experience, but there is still plenty of space for the meaningful moments you need to find you.

extraordinary moments

One-of-a-kind experiences that guarantee a unique, and unforgettable, trip.